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International Political Economy Society

The International Political Economy Society (IPES) provides an annual forum for scholars of IPE to present their best new work in progress to an informed and critical scholarly audience. The annual conference is centered on a small number (approximately 75 each year) of carefully screened and selected papers.



Best New Paper

IPES 2017 Conference


The David A. Lake Award for Best Paper of 2020 will be presented in October at the 2021 IPES conference to Calvin Thrall for Spillover Effects in International Law: The Case of Tax Planning and Investor-State Dispute Settlement.


2021 IPES Conference

IPES Discussion List

The 2021 IPES Conference will be held at the University of Colorado Boulder, October 22-23.

The Institute of Behavioral Science
University of Colorado, Boulder
1440 15th Street
Boulder, CO 80302

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Best New Books

Best New Dataset 2017

Raise the Debt: How Developing Countries Choose Their Creditors by Jonas Bunte and Spending to Win: Political Institutions, Economic Geography, and Government Subsidies by Stephanie Rickard are named Best New Books for the 2021 Conference.