David A. Lake Award for Best Paper presented at IPES

2020: Calvin Thrall (University of Texas at Austin): Spillover Effects in International Law: The Case of Tax Planning and Investor-State Dispute Settlement

2019: (2 papers) Allison Carnegie (Columbia University), Kimberly Howe (Tufts University), Adam Lichtenheld (Yale University), and Dipali Mukhopadhyay (Columbia University): Winning Hearts and Minds for Rebel Rulers: Foreign Aid and Military Contestation in Syria​​; Frederick R. Chen (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Jian Xu (Emory University): MNC Lawsuit Outcomes in Authoritarian Courts: Evidence from New Litigation Data

2018: (2 papers) Leonardo Baccini and Stephen Weymouth: Gone for Good: The Electoral Implications of Plant Closures and Mass Layoffs; Nicole Baerg, Dominik Duell, and Will Lowe: Central Bank Communication as Public Opinion: Experimental Evidence

2017: Cameron Ballard-Rosa (University of North Carolina), Mashail Malik (Stanford University), Stephanie Rickard (London School of Economics), and Kenneth Scheve (Stanford University): The Economic Origins of Authoritarian Values: Evidence from Local Trade Shocks in the United Kingdom

2016: Eric Arias (New York University): Patronage by Credit: International Sources of Patronage Spending in Developing Countries

2015: Sung Eun Kim (Columbia University): Media Bias against Foreign Firms as a Veiled Trade Barrier: Evidence from Chinese Newspapers

2014: Nikhar Gaikwad (Yale University): East India Companies and Long-Term Economic Change in India

2013: In Song Kim (Princeton University): Political Cleavages within Industry: Firm level Lobbying for Trade Liberalization

2012: J. Lawrence Broz (University of California, San Diego): The Federal Reserve as Global Lender of Last Resort, 2007-2011

2011: Dimitar Gueorguiev (University of California, San Diego), Edmund Malesky (University of California, San Diego), and Nathan Jensen (Washington University in St. Louis): Rents Asunder: Sectoral Rent Extraction Possibilities and Bribery by Multi-National Corporations

2010: Stephanie Walter (University of Heidelberg): Globalization and the Demand-Side of Politics: How Globalization Shapes Individual Perceptions of Labor Market Risk and Policy Preferences


Presented every three years:

Best Book 

The best IPE book published in the last three years.

2021: (2 books) Jonas Bunte (University of Texas at Dallas): Raise the Debt: How Developing Countries Choose Their Creditors; Stephanie Rickard (London School of Economics): Spending to Win: Political Institutions, Economic Geography, and Government Subsidies

2018: Rachel Wellhausen (University of Texas at Austin): The Shield of Nationality: When Governments Break Contracts with Foreign Firms

2015: Sonal Pandya (University of Virginia): Trading Spaces: Foreign Direct Investment Regulation, 1970–2000


Best New Dataset

The best dataset published in the last three years.

2020: In Song Kim (MIT): Lobby View: Firm-Level Lobbying and Congressional Bills Database

2017: Leonardo Baccini (McGill University), Manfred Elsig (World Trade Institute), and Andreas Dür (University of Salzburg): The Design of Trade Agreements (DESTA).


Career Achievement Award

2019: Helen V. Milner

2016: David A. Lake