2018 IPES Conference

November 2-3 at MIT

The International Political Economy Society (IPES) is now accepting paper proposals for its annual meeting to be held November 2 and 3, 2018 hosted by the MIT Department of Political Science. Proposals can only be submitted at: https://www.internationalpoliticaleconomysociety.org/submit-proposal. The abstract for each proposed paper should be sufficiently detailed to allow the steering committee to assess its suitability for the conference, but should not exceed 250 words. The deadline for proposals is April 15, 2018. The preliminary program will be announced and participants notified by June 2018. Please forward this announcement to interested colleagues and graduate students.

The first twelve meetings of the IPES have been enormously successful. The program, papers, and presentations are available online at: https://www.internationalpoliticaleconomysociety.org/past-conferences. Papers appropriate for the conference include some international component (i.e., either the independent or dependent variable must be “international” in some meaningful sense), and either focus on the politics of economic phenomena (e.g., globalization) or an economic policy (e.g., monetary policy). The Society welcomes scholars using diverse approaches and methods, including qualitative and historical approaches.

In order to ensure that as many as possible can appear on the program, each scholar is limited to one paper proposal as sole author and no more than two papers as co-author. Everyone accepted to participate is expected to post their papers on the website. The paper must be received before the conference begins in order to be eligible for awards.


Expenses for the Conference

The IPES does not have any permanent institutional support. The 2018 meeting will be hosted by the MIT Department of Political Science. Professors David Singer and In Song Kim are our local hosts.

There is a registration fee of $100 for faculty and $25 for graduate students attending the conference. This fee will be waived for faculty and students of the host institution (all participants will be asked to pre-register).

Our hosts at MIT will provide breakfast and lunch on Friday and Saturday of the conference and a dinner for all participants on Friday evening. Please plan to attend these meals as they are an important opportunity for networking within the conference.

All participants are expected to pay their own travel and hotel expenses. We understand that travel funds are limited for everyone. We hope that the high quality of the meeting and discussions will make this a worthwhile expense. We may have very limited funds to help defray housing costs for some graduate students and junior faculty, but we will not be able to assist everyone in these categories. If you wish to be considered for travel funds, please explain in a separate paragraph below your abstract why assistance is necessary.

Information about registering for the conference will be forthcoming in July 2018 with the preliminary program and posted at our website.